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DESTINATION AZORES is a full-service Event Planning, Floral & Design company not only for those traveling to the Azores and mainland Portugal for their events, but also for local Azoreans and Portuguese.  Owner and world-renowned Event Planner & Designer - Kelly Teves - resides in both Massachusetts & Rhode Island (in the US) 

as well as in Sao Miguel (Azores).  She is your main contact, planner, and designer.  Her team of Azorean & Portuguese assistants as well as her supportive family (who are native to the Azores and Portugal for many generations) make it easy to overcome the challenges that come with planning events particularly on the islands.  You're not only hiring one person, but an experienced team dedicated to creating a fun, beautiful, stress-free event for you and your guests.  

We provide Consulting, Coordination, Planning, Decor, Floral Design, Stationery, Web Design services, and more!  Visit our "Events We Plan" page for a list of events we plan as well as "Our Services" page for more information on the services we offer complete with pricing.  Save money by booking us for planning & flowers!




A trip to Sao Miguel, Azores in 2016, as well as couples posting in online forums searching for wedding planners in the Azores, inspired Kelly to expand her business (Angelic Affairs) and create a sister company focused on events in the Azores and Portugal.  While visiting Faial, Pico, and Terceira in 2017 she experienced inter-island travel via air, land, and sea.  This provided her with a realistic perspective of what her clients can expect to experience - both positively and negatively.  In seeing the challenges event planning in the Azores from overseas has and seeing how difficult communication and research can be, Kelly saw how she could facilitate this for Clients desiring to host their beautiful events there.  Her years of experience planning destination events in the US, fluency in Portuguese, research work and connections in the Azores as well as Mainland Portugal, in combination with years of traveling have prepared her for this.

And thus, DESTINATION AZORES:  Wedding & Event Planning  |  Floral Design was officially born in August of 2017.  Through the convenience of modern technology Kelly is able to virtually plan events in the Azores as well as in the US.  She travels between both countries, and interacts with clients via Skype, email, and phone.  She meets with clients in person whenever possible, and prefers to meet in person at least once prior to events.  When she's unable to meet Clients or reach Venues and Vendors in person, her talented and bi-lingual assistants meet with them and report back to her with photos and whatever information she needs.

Kelly Teves

OWNER    |    PLANNER    |    MODEL    |    DESIGNER  |  FLORIST






Born in Fall River, MA in the United States of America to parents who immigrated from Sao Miguel, Azores in the 1970's, Kelly was raised with Portuguese as her first language.  With most of her family still residing in Sao Miguel, she was fortunate to grow up spending her summers in the Azores.  While attending school in the US, she attended Portuguese school for over 15 years where she learned history, reading, writing, and translating.  At the age of 17, she planned her first event - an open-house for a business in Massachusetts.  And with 22 years of age, she planned her first wedding.  Event planning, design, and business seemed to come naturally to this Capricorn!

Years of event planning led Kelly to officially start her first business (ANGELIC AFFAIRS:  Wedding & Event Planning  |  Floral Design) in Beverly Hills, CA in 2011.  With her first wedding being published, she was quickly noticed by Clients desiring Custom-Designed Events, and has since been featured in publications worldwide.  As a result, she found herself being hired by Clients from afar and began planning Destination Weddings & Events in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Texas, Azores, and Portugal.

Today, Kelly lives in both the US as well as in Sao Miguel, Azores.  Her friendly and experienced team of assistants in Sao Miguel and in the US help her on event days; as well as with decor, logistics, photos, and meetings while she is abroad.  She possesses and maintains excellent relationships with vendors and venues in order to provide her clients with trustworthy referrals. 

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