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To make it easier to learn about DESTINATION AZORES & ANGELIC AFFAIRS, we've decided to present our information in a Question & Answer format. 

Please feel free to submit any questions you feel would be a great addition to this page by sending us an Email.



ANGELIC AFFAIRS:  Wedding & Event Planning  |  Floral Design is our sister company in the US.  It was officially founded in January of 2011 in Beverly Hills, CA by Kelly Teves, who is originally from New England in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  From 1997 - 2009, Kelly had planned many traditional events while struggling to find Clients who would embrace her custom design work.  When Kelly decided to start ANGELIC AFFAIRS, she chose Beverly Hills, California because it presented her with Clients who craved innovation and uniqueness.  Her first wedding in California was published in Offbeat Bride.  And suddenly many doors opened back in New England of Clients drawn to her unique design process.  Many of them said, "We hired a wedding planner who doesn't get our vision and wants to make it traditional." and "Our wedding planner is charging us extra because we want a non-traditional wedding."  This was the opposite of what Kelly believed in!  So in 2011 she decided to return to New England while still flying out to California, as well as other states all over the US.  Today, most of ANGELIC AFFAIRS' Clients are those desiring destination events in the Newport, RI and Boston, MA areas.

Does ANGELIC AFFAIRS only plan and design offbeat, non-traditional events?  

No!  At ANGELIC AFFAIRS & DESTINATION AZORES, we get to know our Clients and design around YOU and YOUR VISION!  Oftentimes, we create fusions of different themes while bringing out our Clients' personalities and stories into the flow of their event, as well as their decor.  Every aspect -- from Invitations to Floral Arrangements to added decorative details -- are well thought out, and run by our Clients for final approval.  Whether they desire a cohesive look, or quirky mix-matched decor or stationery, we've done it all!  


DESTINATION AZORES was created as a sister company to primarily focus on events in the Azores as its own identity.  We wanted to create an individual company and website that would make it easy to connect with Clients interested in planning events in the Azores.   

How can you manage both companies on your own?  

Both ANGELIC AFFAIRS and DESTINATION AZORES are exclusive boutique companies -- meaning that we only book 1-2 events per month to provide ALL of our Clients with the utmost attention and quality that we are known for.  We live by the saying, "Quality over quantity." to uphold our reputation.  Kelly will always be your main point of contact, and has assistance from her experienced team both in the US and in the Azores.  

What sets you apart from competing planners and florists?  

Event Planning:  In summary -- you're not only hiring a planner but you're also a personal designer and experienced team.  From the start, you'll see how different our planning process is from other planners.  We've developed online Detailed Event and Floral Questionnaires for potential Clients to complete prior to your consultation.  This is done for two reasons:  (1) To show you our level of detail as we get to know about you and your event.  (2) To create a Custom Package for you including a Budget Analysis, Preliminary Design Board, and Contract with services tailored to your needs and budget.  We are open-minded and respective of all beliefs.  And we love learning about different cultures!  Rest assured, we'll do our research to ensure we're tying in elements of your cultures and faiths so your event reflects YOU!  

Floral Design:  Everything we create is custom-designed around our clients, their personality, story, fashion sense, colors, and theme(s).  You'll see this reflected in our "Portfolio & Commercial" as each event is so completely unique from one another.  Our creative abilities are endless and inspired by YOU!  Because our work is custom-designed, we create sketches which we'll send you for approval throughout the planning process.  In addition, we'll create a private Pinterest Board where we can exchange inspirational photos for your event.  This gives us a better idea of what you're drawn to so we're creating pieces you'll love!  

How much do you charge?  

We encourage you to contact us for a more accurate quote as we offer discounts for the most services you hire us for.  Visit our "Contact" page for more information!

WEDDING PLANNING & COORDINATION:  Our package pricing for weddings starts at just 2500 USD.  We'll work with to create a package that best suits your needs and budget for your event.  Full-service wedding planning and coordination with our planning and design team starts at 4000 USD.

EVENT PLANNING:  Our package pricing for non-wedding events is 18% of your total budget.  

CORPORATE EVENT PLANNING:  We charge 18% of the total budget of your event.  For companies that contract with us as their exclusive planner for the next several years only pay 15% of the total budget of their events.  

FLOWERS:  Our prices start at just 1 USD each.  All pieces are custom designed with you, your theme, color scheme, personality, and venue(s) in mind.

CUSTOM LINENS:  We charge $10+ each for Runners.  Pricing varies depending on choice of materials and length.  |  

STATIONERY:  Our prices start at just 5 USD per Invitation Suite.  Suites include:  Save-the-date cards, invitation, envelope, RSVP card, and RSVP envelope; but can be modified according to your needs and chosen materials.  We provide basic stationery as well as high-end, edible, and eco-friendly stationery.  |  Menu Cards and Table Numbers start at just 2 USD each.  All pieces are custom designed with you, your theme, color scheme, personality, and venue(s) in mind.  Printing, assembly, and hand-written envelopes are included in the cost.  (Postage, envelope printing, and calligraphy are additional.)

WEBSITES:  Wedding and event websites are 500 USD with unlimited maintenance OR 250 USD for complete setup with you maintaining the site after an easy training session.  |  Business websites (similar to this site that we've built, among others) start at 1000 USD depending on the services you need.

Do you have a question you'd like to submit for this page?  Feel free to Send An Email and let us know!

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