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Sitting peacefully in the Atlantic Ocean exists the beautiful Portuguese archipelago known as the Azores.  Believed (to some) to be the tops of Atlantis as well the "Hawaii of the Atlantic", the Azores consists of the 9 individually unique islands of:  Sao Miguel (the main and largest island), Terceira, Santa Maria, Flores, Faial, Pico, Sao Jorge, Corvo, and Graciosa.  The magic and mystery of the Azores presents with a perfect, picturesque setting for your next event.  And with the expertise of world-renowned

Event Planner & Designer - Kelly Teves - you can be rest assured that all of the details will be covered so you and your guests can fully enjoy yourselves.  

A great website to visit and obtain more information about the Azores is:  VISIT AZORES

Just a quick 2-hour flight from the Azores is beautiful and historic, Portugal.  From charming fairy tale-like towns such as Sintra and Lisbon where old meets new, in addition to the famous beaches of Algarve, and vineyard-filled Porto famous for its wine -- there is no shortage of locations to host your next event.  It's no wonder why Madonna has chosen Portugal as her new home!  

A great website to learn more about Portugal is:  VISIT PORTUGAL


of Event Planning in the Azores & Portugal



      The average wedding in the US is 25,000 USD for approximately 100 guests.  In the Azores, you can expect to pay about 10,000 - 15,000 USD including our fee!  

      In Mainland Portugal, costs fall between US and Azorean prices.  Even entertainment, fun activities, dining out, and nightlife is affordable in the Azores averaging half

     of the cost in the US.  


      Named "The Most Beautiful Place in the World" by National Geographic, the Azores has remained wonderfully preserved and respected by the locals.  From waterfalls          to ocean cliffs, lakes, rolling greens of mountainous farmlands, and geothermal craters, there are many picturesque settings in the Azores for your event!


      The Azores and Portugal have so much to offer!  So why not turn your event into a vacation for you and your guests?  We have great packages wherein we can plan        Weekend or Week-Long Activities complete with bookings, itineraries, and more!  Visit "Our Services" page for more information.  

There are advantages and disadvantages with planning events in the Azores and Portugal, particularly for those living overseas. 

DESTINATION AZORES can facilitate planning and decorating for you, taking away much of your stress so you can enjoy the process as well as your big event(s).



     Unfortunately, inter-web communication isn't as commonly used in the Azores as it is in most places. 

        Example:  We've had some Clients who have attempted to plan events on their own, but were met with challenges in hearing back from vendors and venues they

                              have reached out to for information.

        Our Solution:  We have a team of assistants on the island who can easily visit vendors and venues when inter-web communication is failing.  


Similarly, online data isn't always up-to-date or even listed.  Some venues and vendors we have connected with don't advertise their services services online.  

        Example:  We have a great connection in Sao Miguel where vintage cars can be rented, as well as one of the top 3 most beautiful venues in Sao Miguel.

        Our Solution:  Due to our connections, we're able to refer you to incredibly beautiful venues you're unable to find yourself online.  The same goes for vendors. 


      Sao Miguel is the largest of the 9 islands and is more equipped to handle events.  For those desiring events on any of the other 8 islands, the challenges increase as do

      costs to ship materials and transport and accommodate vendors.  

        Our Solution:  With our experiences of inter-island travel and shipping, we're able to aid in the manifestation and success of your event.  However, our fees to                                                increase to accommodate our staff as well as the shipment of materials.  

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